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Why Do You Choose To Write?

Writing is one of the loneliest endeavors – be it as a job or a hobby – you could undertake. However many friends you may have who also happen to write, however many critique groups you may be a part of, however many web sites you may browse for information and encouragement, at the end of the day, you are your sole motivator, cheerleader, champion and advocate.

Writing is equivalent to putting your inner-most thoughts on paper. When you write, you are essentially exposing your most vulnerable side for public perusal. And it takes courage to do that.

Writing is its own reward, definitely, but it is also hard work. It is also the kind of work that makes it hard to justify all the hours and effort you put into it. I mean, there is no guarantee that all the time, passion and effort you’re putting into a novel or story or article will definitely translate into a publishing contract, is there?

Still, many of us persist and keep forging head. Some of us wake up early in the morning, and some of us stay up late into the night. Just so our writing does not disrupt the rhythm of life around us. Just so we can let our thoughts take flight uninterruptedly. Just so the words we pen won’t be influenced by the kind of day we are experiencing. Just so it is the writing and you, with nothing else in between.

So, why is it that I choose to write?

Because, I am passionate about it.

Because, it makes me feel alive.

Because, it gives me the most healthy high possible.

And because, I can’t think of not doing it.

Why do you choose to write?

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