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Witty Monikers

In this day and age when everything and everyone is competing for attention with everything else around, one thing a company (or a store) needs in order to stand out is an uncommon or witty name.

If the name or tag line makes people (who could, in the future, become customers) pause and take notice, then whoever came up with the moniker got it right. If it makes people smile, then they have scored a major point.

Here are some titles/names, which I have come across myself, that seem to have an idea similar to what I allude above.

Just to add a little fun to the post, I made it into a little game. Care to play with me?

Match the following:

Pair each of the names on the left column to the correct product or service on the right.

Name of Company/Store       Type of Product/Service Offered

1) Hiny Hiders                           a) Jewelry and watch repair

2) Image Cleaners                    b) ‘Make your own’ Sandwich place

3) On the Spot                          c) Piano store

4) Who’s Your Geek?                d) Play care center

5) Shades of Green                   e) Fitness and weight-loss centers for women

6) Goin’ Postal                           f) Windshield repair

7) Curves                                  g) Products related to extreme sports

8) Kiddin’ Around                       h) Laundry and dry cleaning services

9) WaterWorks                          i) Women’s clothing

10) Crystal Clear                        j) Personalized Products and Gourmet Foods

11) Which Wich?                        k) Company that makes stalls for restrooms

12) Watchamacallit Fashions     l) Nursery

13) Heart’s Desire                     m) Installation and repairs of computers

14) Adrenalina                           n) Car wash

15) Encore                                 o) Mailing and shipping services

My favorite among them? Hiny Hiders, of course. I came across it in a public restroom recently (I let the cat out of the bag on that one, didn’t I?) and laughed out loud. You have to give it to the wicked and risqué sense of humor of whoever came up with that name. Maybe, more so to the spirit of whoever actually went ahead and registered the company in that name :-).

Goin’ Postal comes a close second for me…

Have you come across any that made you chuckle or pause, even if only for a moment?

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