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Posted originally on: February 3, 2010

One of the first things I learned in the last few months is that it’s not major incidents that interrupt the flow of creative juices. It’s the everyday living – and the million-and-one little details that come with it – that will wring you dry and leave you hanging.

The mounds of laundry overflowing from the utility room into the hallway never seem to understand that the mood to write has no set schedule. And one can ignore the piling dishes in the sink for only so long. I admit, though, I have really come far in that department – selective vision, it is called.

But, when you put your hand into the china cabinet in the formal dining room – which you never reopened once after you first organized it, until you started this writing business – and reach for empty air, that’s when you know you cannot ignore the mess in the sink anymore.

Okay, this is my lament for the day: who wants to wash a coffee mug when every nerve ending in your body is screaming for that shot of caffeine? But dishes don’t get it, do they? Such a thanksless lot, I tell you. They live in your house, free of rent, for their lifetime and yet never learn to self-clean.

Mug with multi-personalities: These humans are so thankless. We work ourselves to the bone for them, and they act as if they’re doing us a favor by letting us live in their cabinets. Mug with prickly-personality: And don’t even get me started on the sloppy living conditions in some of these households!

Yes, I’m having one of those ‘blah’ mornings. Can you tell?

And if I have learned anything recently, it is that one must learn to pace oneself or be prepared to keel over. So, that’s what I’m trying to do. No, not trying to keel over — don’t be silly! I meant I’m trying to pace myself before I drive everyone around me crazy with my running-around-frazzled routine.

So, I’ll sign off now, after this rant-and-rave with no particular point to it. No, wait! I’m really selling this post short. It does have a point. The point is: Stop being a tightwad and go buy more coffee mugs.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hang in there! You are closer to the weekend by another day. Although, come to think of it, what’s so great about weekends? They are overrated, if you ask me. They just mean more cleaning and scrubbing, all the while carting around a carload of kids to activities. What’s so great about that? Hmph!

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