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Yes, it’s another award day at my blog. And I love these days, obviously!  :-)

I have been lucky enough to keep company with some amazing friends in blogosphere, these last three plus months, since I have begun blogging.

Every day I learn so much, be it from reading others’ blogs or carrying on conversations, via comments, in my own blog.

Every day brings a new experience. For instance:

  • An ‘aha’ moment when I read about how feminism might mean something entirely different for another woman
  • Wonderment when I read that others have déjà vu moments similar to mine
  • A warm feeling of camaraderie when someone whom you have never met comes to your blog and says that she’s happy to have happened upon your blog
  • Comprehension when someone disagrees with your comment/blog and explains why and you get it
  • A sense of belonging when a fellow blogger gives your blog an award

Recently my blog has been granted the following awards:

Jai Joshi from Jai Joshi’s Tulsi Tree passed on the “You are My Sunshine — Supportive Commenter award”. I’m so happy that Jai deems me one of the true supporters of her blog. It’s not hard for me to do that, believe me. If you haven’t had a chance to visit her blog yet, do so now. She packs a mean pace into her stories, and every Friday she posts a snippet from Indian mythology. A sure treat!

My blog has also been deemed bright and sunny by both Susan Fields at: An Insomniac’s Guide to the Writing Life and Heather at: The Sunset Won’t. It meant a lot to me to be told that the issues/topics I discuss manage to brighten a corner, albeit a very small one, of blogosphere.

Susan blogs about topics that you can’t help but like both as a writer and a reader. If you’re looking to network with other writers, get on board Susan’s happening blog.

Heather’s site is sunny and warm. Her blog’s name, whose tagline reads: “Many things can wait… but the sunset won’t”, says it all. Her blog is constantly on the lookout for what makes humans happy, among many other things.

If you haven’t checked out their blogs, better late than never!

And then a new writer-friend Dawn Simon at Plotting and Scheming bestowed the “Prolific Blogger Award” on mine. Gosh! For once, I was rendered speechless. It’s a wonderful feeling to be thus recognized by a fellow blogger.

Dawn’s posts include topics that both writers and readers can dig into: the conferences she has attended, the authors she has networked with, and insights into writing and revising. Do tune in to her blog!

Now, time to pass these awards on. I love this part as much as receiving the awards.

I would like to pass the:

 You are my sunshine – Supportive commenter award to some of my friends who consistently have my back with their insightful and timely advice and comments.

Lua Fowles at: Like a Bowl of Oranges.

Dawn Simon at: Plotting and Scheming.

Suma Subramaniam.

The Sunshine award to those blogs that get me thinking and keep me smiling.

Josie at: Highheels and Slippers.

Barb at: Creative Barbwire.

June Hur at: June H – Follow Her Journey to Publication.

The Prolific Blogger award to those bloggers who consistently churn out post upon post of funny, thought-provoking topics. One of the to-dos for this award is to link to the Advance Booking post, where this award has originated. (Also, please find the other rules for passing on this award in that post.)

Jai Joshi at: Jai Joshi’s Tulsi Tree.

Aspiring Novelist at: Mightier Than the Sword.

Sharon Mayhew at: Random Thoughts.

Susan Fields at: An Insomniac’s Guide to the Writing Life.

Kelly Polark.

Now, all those friends who visit my blog on a regular basis, but do not have a blog of their own, make one! And those of you who do blog, but do not accept awards, please begin to do so… If only so I can pass on these fabulous awards to you! :-)

Seriously though, I really appreciate the love and support you all have been showering on my blog ever since I started jotting down my thoughts here. In this world of crazy, busy schedules, the fact that you continually make time to tune in to my world means a lot to me.

Thank you, each one of you, from the bottom of my heart!!

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