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When I first heard a friend say the words, “Something’s gotta give” (much before the movie with that name was made), I thought that was the best way to reconcile to one’s lot in life; at least to one’s situation at that particular time in life.

I mean, it sounds funny, but isn’t that a mature way to cope and/or look at rearranging your priorities?

Just imagine someone going: “You are not able to handle all the things on your plate. Why don’t you learn to prioritize?” Won’t that get your dander up, even though – or maybe especially because – you see the truth in what s/he is saying?

If that someone had only said, “You have too many things going on. Eh, something’s gotta give!” Won’t that make it a little less aggressive and more commiserative?

Anyways, I have always liked that phrase and so here I am saying it to myself. I have been blogging twice a week for the last few months, and I really like the rhythm and outlet that that schedule provides me.

However, right now, I’m at a juncture where I need to pull back some in order to take care of some more pressing activities of the new school year.

I’ll be blogging only once a week, for the next few weeks. (I’m sure if I looked it up, one of the Murphy’s Laws of Life will say: When you prioritize, the activity that you have to cut short will be among the ones that you like doing the most. Sigh!)

On another note, Barb at CreativeBarbwire has awarded my blog with The Spotlight Award a little while ago. Thank you, Barb, for your continued support and encouragement to my blog!

If you guys haven’t had a chance to visit with Barb, you should. Her posts are full of good advice, commiserations, and wonderfully fantastical stories!

I’d like to pass this award to all those beautiful and selfless readers who keep coming back to my blog – providing me with insightful comments and a lovely sense of belonging – even though they do not have a blog themselves! Thank you!

It’s raining (and has been for a day or so) buckets here, accompanied by lashing winds. It’s green and more green everywhere I look. So precious! Especially since I already feel the bad-tempered winter – with its frigid winds and stark-naked trees – pawing the ground to make its entrance.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!!

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