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I have finally taken the plunge into blogosphere. (Yes, splash, wade, plunge … detect an underlying theme here?) 

That’s exactly how I feel – like I have jumped off the diving board before I had a chance to analyze the pros and cons and change my mind.

That is not to say that I’m afraid of reading, or even writing, for that matter. On the contrary, the written word has held a strong fascination for me ever since I can remember. From picture books all the way up to adult novels, I like ‘em all.

With all that said, why name my blog “Wading Through Words” and make it sound like such an arduous task? Let me explain:

The word wade means:

  • plod through <a medium>.  Who wants to try out something that sounds way too easy? Besides, “Words on a Silver Platter” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? (It does? Well!!)


  • to set to work or jump in. See, I’m an author of children’s literature (an aspiring one, but a mere technicality, that one). I have loved every minute of the past few months that I have spent on writing my first manuscript. However, not many people know about my passion, because I have zealously guarded my secret.  Recently, I have been seeing signs everywhere telling me that it’s time I let go of my writing — no, no, not let go as in ‘stop writing’, but let go as in ‘stop being so protective of my writing’. So, here I am, gone public, and poised to make that next big splash in the world of children’s books.  :)

So, come on! Yes, I mean you! Hop on board the raft. Let’s wade through the meandering waters of reading and writing together. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get to harvest a few priceless pearls along the way. (A mishmash of idioms and images, if you ever saw one?  Couldn’t agree with you more on that one!)

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