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Have you ever watched those episodes of cooking shows where they come up with recipes using ingredients that are essentially leftovers from your pantry? This post is sort of along those lines.

You see, whenever I sit down to write – especially posts for my blog – my mind starts racing in all directions, like a dog smelling bacon. But, the more rational side of me almost always reins it in (though sometimes my brain still manages to find a loophole and get in a detour or two) saying, “Stick to the topic at hand.”

Today, I thought, why not let my thoughts take charge and take me wherever they want to go and see what happens. So, this post is what happened.

Oh, by the way, does your pantry ever have a half-used tube of anchovy paste? Mine never does.  Now, how about a bottle of rice wine vinegar that has been sitting in your fridge for a long time? No, not in mine. If ever I feel like trying out recipes involving ingredients like these (read: exotic), I go grocery shopping with a specific list.

Hmm… maybe that means that I’m not the mainstream audience those shows are targeting, but I love watching cooking shows and challenges. They help me relax like nothing else (on T.V) can.

Yesterday, I saw this quote on the billboard in front of a vet’s clinic (Told you, I’m off on real tangents today!):

The only time a person gets to choose a relative is when s/he acquires a pet.

Isn’t that the truth?

Have you heard about the long-drawn drought in Australia and all the wild fires raging not only in America but also in Canada, Russia and Norway? General consensus is that we humans are wreaking havoc on Earth’s natural balance with our malicious use of resources.

These fires, droughts, floods and volcanic eruptions are nature’s way of warning us not to continue this rampage. I wonder what kind and magnitude of disaster it will take for the whole world to sit up as one and take notice and take control of this thoughtlessness?

Phew! I don’t know how well this post has worked for you guys, but boy, do I feel liberated! :-o)

How do you operate?

Is your ‘train of thought’ usually a straight-and-narrow, follow-the-track kind or is it more a detour-loving and tangent-hugging prowler?

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