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Why Do We Do That?

There is this show on HG TV (Home and Garden Television) called House Hunters to which I’m strangely addicted these days.

Whenever I’m in need of some relaxation or have some time to kill in between more pressing events, I find myself tuning in to that channel, hoping that that show is on. If it is House Hunters International, then yum, that much better.

This show — for the uninitiated — follows potential real estate customers on their hunt for a new home (in the U.S if it’s just House Hunters and in an international market if it’s the International version of it).

I find myself:

  • Rooting for the single mom and her two children as they relocate to Barcelona from London
  • Trying to understand the young couple who are retiring to the sandy beaches of Belize before they’ve even fully immersed themselves in the workforce so they can enjoy an athletic lifestyle while they’re still young and healthy
  • Commiserating with the elderly couple and their problems in renovating their home away from home in Jurich.

So involved do I get in their search that I feel exhausted, pursued by nagging worries, by the moment of final truth: What if they make a mistake in choosing the right kind of home? What if they regret their move later on? What if their finances are worn thin?

Why am I attached to this show? I honestly don’t know, except for the fact that it is fun. Pure and simple!

It’s fun probably because it’s not I who’s doing the packing and relocating, not to mention a new mortgage and the financial dilemmas that come with it. And it’s probably also because of the freedom I have, as a viewer, to choose a home that doesn’t affect my life in the least.

All said and done, just the fact that so many episodes of the show are being aired per day is proof that there are quite a few other suckers like me out there.

Is there a show that you watch (or a magazine that you read or a food that you eat) regularly but then question your strange attraction to it?

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