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Just a note before I begin: I aim to keep these pages completely clean and kid-friendly. I would love it if you brought the children in your life to these pages once in a while — with you supervising them, of course, if they’re very young.   

Now would be a wonderful time to do so: starting today, I’m going to do the next few posts with the young (in-earthly-years or at-heart) as my target audience.   

Do you read books?   

Do I hear a “yes”, followed by muttering to the effect of “but only because I have to. Not because I like to”?   

I also heard some resounding “yeah”s to my question, which means that some of you are avid readers already. Good! Keep at it now. And persist even later, when distractions stare you in the face and try to take you away from this passion of yours.   

Let me tell you why you should keep on reading, whether you love it or loathe it. Think about this: when you find a book that you like, you have made a friend forever. And what a friend that book will turn out to be!   

A book is a friend who:   

  • Does not judge you.
  • Does not impose its personality on you.
  • Listens to whatever you have to say to it.
  • Never brings its problems to you.
  • Is opinionated — make no mistake about that – but it does not shun you if you disagree with it.
  • Does not label you “geeky”, “popular” or “nerdy”.

This Hema P is such a dork! Just because I don't speak out loud, she assumes that I don't label her? Hmph!


  • Makes no demands on your time. It sits there waiting for you patiently, so it can open up to you the minute you wish it to.
  • Doesn’t need cleaning and feeding, just gentle handling.
  • Will accompany you around the world without you even having to leave your house.
  • Doesn’t pressure you into doing things that you don’t want to.
  • Doesn’t need you to dress up to go meet with it. Lounging in pajamas is the best way to cozy up with your favorite book.
  • Is you best confidante.
  • Will wait for you, years on end at times, when you grow out of it and drift away. It will remain on your bookshelf waiting  for you to come back, dust it and reclaim it as a friend.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to set out on a search for a good book? Did I overlook any more reasons? If yes, I’d love to learn which ones — if only so I could feel all the more blessed to have made so many good friends myself.   

Come visit me again and I’ll introduce you to a bunch of wonderful books and authors. And who knows? There may be one or two among them that you’d want to add to your bookshelf.   

P.S: Thank you so much, everyone, for your support in following Mark McVeigh!! I think I may have earned that chat with him, after all!

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