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Below are opinions I’ve heard expressed about who would make a good writer.

Some of them may sound unfairly judgmental and derogatory to writers in general? Don’t worry about it, because, ironically enough, all of the viewpoints have come from writers themselves, aspiring or otherwise.

  • A Control Freak: Writers like to have control… To the extent that they revel in controlling others’ lives. They write so they can act puppeteers, to their hearts’ content, to the lives of the characters.
  • Challenge Challenged: Writers are people who have had a smooth life. They probably breezed through to adulthood and have overcome challenges in life a tad too easily so far. Now, publishing industry is the nut they’re trying to crack. (No pun intended.)
  • A Schizophrenic: If a person has one too many personalities vying within, he/she cannot help but become a writer. Writers hear voices inside their heads. They have to give personalities to the voices via the characters in their books or succumb to insanity.
  • An Eccentric: Only a person who derives pleasure from constant sleeplessness, uncertainty, self-doubt, and clearing obstacles — big and small — on a day-to-day basis can make a writer.
  • An absent-minded professor: Is your friend/spouse/colleague/insert-other-relationship constantly lost inside his/her own world? Does s/he often have a bemused expression on her/his face, and seldom make a good dinner companion? Then, be prepared. S/he is getting ready to spring a book or a story-line on you soon.


I have to say, some of the notions above definitely ring a bell for me. (Of course, I’m not telling you which ones!)

Do you have any other definitions you’d like to add to this list?

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You know you have been bitten by the writing bug, if:                                                                                                    

10.  You cannot seem to switch the muse off, and it hits you at the worst possible moments.

9. You have a better idea about the likes and dislikes of your (target) literary agent than those of your better half.

8. You keep wishing that coffee is a food group on which humans could sustain solely.

7. You keep checking on the net to see if the prices on Dictaphone-Transcribers have come down yet.

6. Much to the agony of the members of your family, you insist on acting out every new twist/conversation in your manuscript.

5. You do not think having conversations with characters in your book out loud is odd.

4. People at your table have to resort to wiping their mouths on their clothes, because you keep snagging the napkins to jot down your ideas.

3. You keep eavesdropping on private conversations blatantly and maintain that it’s all part of your job.

2. It doesn’t embarrass you to accidentally show up wearing mismatched socks to a business meeting, but you’d feel naked if you didn’t lug around your laptop wherever you went.

1. You tend to blubber, “Oh, that’s ’s favorite dish. Wish she could join us today!” when you see certain entrées served at restaurants.


My blog has been recently awarded “One Lovely Blog” by kind souls: Rosemary at Miss Rosemary’s Novel Ideas and Lisa at Milk Fever Blog, and Barb at CreativeBarbwire. Thank you all so much!

Rosemary continues to write posts, filled with her quirky sense of humor, related to writing and life in general.

Lisa has just had her first novel, Milk Fever, published recently. Her blogs seem deceptively simple at first sight. However, read on and you’ll soon catch on to the fact that each of those posts packs a down-to-earth truth about the subject at hand.

Barb, by her own confession, is a writer, an artist, a world creator, and a story-teller. She actively pursues ‘happiness’ in various ways in her blog, and also generously shares information she has gathered, about writing and the publishing industry, via her extensive research.

Do check out their blogs, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I’m supposed to reveal seven things about myself. I’ve already done quite a few posts in that vein over the past few months (and phew, that was hard). So, with your permission, I’ll just skip over to the more interesting step of passing on the awards.

I’d like to pass this award on to these blogs:

“You’re Going Places, Baby” award to:


“The Versatile Blogger” award to:

All of these blogs give me something to mull over whenever I visit them and hence add a touch of authenticity to my day!

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