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Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend, and enjoyed some spectacular fireworks shows. No Independence Day celebration is complete without a fireworks show for a finale, is it?

When the firecrackers go off against the black of the night, usually accompanied by patriotic music, it is hard for a heart not to burst with pride, gratitude, and contentment.

Having watched several shows over the years (some in India, which are a different kettle of fish altogether, though quite as entertaining), I thought I saw everything there was to see about fireworks.

Little did I know that there was one aspect of them that I’d been ignorant about all these years. It tickled me pink when I stumbled across it. What is it, you ask?

Each firework type has a specific name attached to it, based on the effect it produces when it goes off in the sky. Now, isn’t that fascinating?

Ever heard of peony, dahlia, and chrysanthemum? Yes, they are all names of flowers, but have you ever associated them with fireworks?

How are the words ‘poppers, snaps, parachutes, spinners, fountains, Roman candles, bottle rockets, snakes, and strobes’ related? You got it! They are all names given to the different kinds of, aerial and ground, fireworks.

I was not able to go watch a fireworks show last night. If I did, I’m sure being able to name and make out the shape of a firework when it went off (or even waiting for one to be set off to see if I’d be able to recognize it by its effect) would have enhanced my enjoyment of the show.

How would you like to be armed with this facet of the firecrackers yourself, come next year’s Independence Day celebrations?

Here’s where I came across this rather interesting information: the hot word.

On a slightly different note, though the happenings in the section below leave me no less excited than a terrific fireworks display…

Recently, Sharon K. Mayhew at Random Thoughts has awarded me the “Versatile Blogger” award, along with some very kind words about my blog.

Now, don’t be fooled by the name of Sharon’s blog; there’s nothing random about her posts. They all center firmly around writing: reading with writing in mind, honing the craft of writing, and networking with and bringing together the community of writers. There’s always something happening on her blog that fully involves the reader. Stop by her blog, if you haven’t done so already, and you’ll see what I mean.

I was also given the same award by Rosemary at Miss Rosemary’s Novel Ideas. Rosemary is still in college (from what I gather from her blogs), but she’s able to make time to actively pursue her writing. She constantly churns out thought-provoking posts with great insights into the journey of writing.

Whenever I visit her blog – and a few other blogs by those who have not only recognized their penchant for words early in life, but have decided to do something about it – I always end up wishing that I’d woken up to this, my dream of penning words, just a little bit earlier. Do tune in to this aspiring novelist’s ramblings about writing, life, and other things.

Heather at The Sunset Won’t awarded me with “You’re going places, Baby!” award. Isn’t that a cute award?

Heather is a teacher – a profession that I respect and look up to. She constantly surprises me with her wisdom and humility, which belie her age. Take a peek at her aspirations and goals for the next ten years (along with her other posts), and you’ll understand just what I mean.

Thank you so much, all of you, for your vote of confidence in my writing. I’m honored and humbled at the same time!

Where would I like to see myself in ten years from now? Hmm… that’s a tough one. I have, over the past five or so years, constantly reminded myself not to be too forward-looking or to keep glancing back at the past. In the spirit of that goal, I would say:

In ten years from now, I pray that I’d find myself in a place where I’m content to be who and where I am.

I won’t keep these awards just to myself. I promise to pass them along soon. :-)

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