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It takes all kinds to make this world. If everyone liked the same things and hated similar flavors, then where’s the fun? Right?

Until recently I thought that all writers felt the same way towards first drafts and revisions. That is, until I came across an article – titled Dueling with Words – by author Lisa Shearin in the June issue of ‘Writer’.

She says that she invariably prefers revisions to first drafts. So much so that she’s afflicted by a raging case of “First Draftitis” not long after she starts writing a new book.

            While most writers love the discovery aspect of the first draft, let’s just say that it’s not my favorite part of the process. I just want to get the story down as close to how I want it as possible, and then the fun part starts for me.

I was flabbergasted. Really?

In all my naiveté, I’d assumed that everyone loves penning down their thoughts uninterrupted and without being judged (even by self) and coming up with the first draft of their manuscript. And then came the more difficult task of revising.

I’m not saying that the process of revising is hateful in any way; it’s just that, in my experience so far, I’ve found it to be more taxing that shaping the first draft of my novel.  

At this juncture of my writing journey, this is what first draft means to me:

A brick wall I have to scale


Revision is something more like this:











What’s your poison?


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